IN4 Hub

IN4 Hub for EngINering INnovation and INdustry INtegration (ex MechLav) is one of the industrial research laboratories of the Ferrara Technopole, specialised in the fields of mechatronics and automotive engineering, service innovation and digitalization.
It is accredited by the Emilia-Romagna Region and is part of the High Technology Network, namely a network of accredited public and private organizations, universities and research centers.

Our mission is the innovation transfer of all engineering technologies to industry and public administration, through collaborations customized to specific situations and problems. Strong point is the integration of the expertises of the researchers from different areas, in a way that is functional to the horizontal structuring of industrial products and production processes.

This has led to the development of a consolidated network of collaborations with the production system, supported by numerous activities commissioned by companies, which develop continuously over the years (average turnover of around 400 k€), and by important collaborative industrial research projects at regional, national and European level (over 2 million euros in the last four years).

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